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Things to avoid when dealing with a Delhi Escort

When it comes to availing the services of an escort agency, it is no rocket science on how to behave. If you are decent and fair, then you are destined to enjoy a great experience. Escort agencies are thorough professionals; they deal with cheats, crooks, and nasty people on a daily basis. It does not pay to behave unscrupulously with them because in that respect, you lose your money, reputation, and personal safety.

Here is a list of ’10 Don’ts’ while dealing with an escort.

1. Don’t be mean : Escorts appreciate respect and kindness. Do not be arrogant, unkind, or disrespectful to them. They are just being paid to provide you with some services, and are not your personal servants. They deserve the basic courtesy and compassion, just as any service professional in another industry. If you are kind and respectful to them, you will consolidate your reputation as a good client and will get preferential treatment in future dates. If you are cruel and abusive, then she will walk out on the first day itself leaving you high and dry.

2. Don’t ask for a freebie : Escorts in Delhi will only provide services that you are paying for. They will never provide something extra for free. You will be just wasting your time if you try to talk them into providing a freebie.

3. Don’t tag your friends along : An escort sets up an appointment with an individual. It is not a good idea to bring your friends along, if you are paying for an individual. If you try to do so, then she will refuse and ask you to leave.

4. Don’t be timid or nervous : You hire an independent escort in Delhi to indulge in some relaxation and fun times. It is not the time to be nervous or shy. An escort is a professional; there is nothing out there that she has not seen. So just relax and let her make you comfortable. Do not be tongue-tied in front of her. If you have a question or a doubt, then ask her. Chances are that she must have heard that question somewhere before also.

5. Don’t cancel without notification : It is a bad habit to stand up a date, especially when you have hired an escort. If, for some reason, you cannot meet an appointment, then call to let her or the agency know. It is really rude and disrespectful if you cancel a date without informing them.

6. Don’t step out of boundaries: Every female escort in Delhi has some boundaries out of which she will never step out. For example, some may refuse to kiss on the mouth, while some may deny ass-fucking. Respect their rules and follow them.

7. Don’t be dirty : It is very important that you are clean and fresh for an appointment with an escort. If you are sweaty or dirty from work or gym, then the escort will ask you to take a shower immediately. Oblige her request.

8. Don’t lose track of your belongings : This is a rule from the general life, but an important rule otherwise. It is important to take care of your personal stuff in your dates, including your wallet, watch, phone, and other valuable items. Generally, escorts are honest, but you are never 100 per cent certain about the human nature.

9. Don’t lend your phone : If your escort asks to use your phone, then politely refuse saying that you are not comfortable with the idea. There are so many options with the phones nowadays that it is wise to be wary at such request. If needed, then you can offer to make a call on her behalf.

10. Don’t loan money : This is another important rule that you should carefully follow. It is easy to be carried away by emotions. Irrespective of how much you like an escort in Delhi or how great your experience was, never lend her money. This creates a personal relationship, which is unhealthy on a whole set of counts. Colaba Escorts Stick to the business and just pay her the negotiated amount.

These ’10 Don’ts’ enable you to experience a fantastic and sublime experience with escorts. Remember the most important rule is to enjoy yourself and have fun!.

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